So how exactly do you soft wash your house? In this post, we will discuss how you can soft wash your house in the best possible way. There are a few steps that you need to keep in mind, but overall, this is an easy and safe way to clean your home!

An Overview of Soft Washing

Before we teach you how to soft wash though, let’s go over the basics of this method. Soft washing is similar to power washing and pressure washing. It uses tools to create water pressure for cleaning. However, soft washing uses less water pressure and has added, but safe, chemicals to get your house looking great instead.

The chemicals in the water helps rid the exterior surfaces of bacteria, dirt, and other unsightly stains that might be on your property. They are also really good for windows, wood, and cleaning your roof.

How Can You Start Soft Washing?

To start a soft wash you need to try and keep the area you are cleaning clear and free of clutter. You don’t want to accidentally water plants and other furniture that has to stay dry. So this is important to keep in mind. Next, prepare the solution of chemicals for your soft wash. You’ll have to put it in a sprayer and connect it to your hose. This way the water for your washing has the mixture in it.

After your equipment has been prepared, you can begin spraying what you want to clean. You’ll need to leave the solution on if the stains are really tough. But otherwise, you can lightly spray the area with a hose after the chemicals have seeped into the exterior surface and cleaned it.

What Tools Should You Have For A Soft Wash?

When soft washing, you want to have a few things prepared to properly pull off this technique. Firstly, homeowners should have access to a soft wash system. This will help control the water pressure. You will also have to get the correct type of nozzle. The size of the nozzle will depend on the amount of pressure that is present in the water.

Bleach, water, and cleaning surfactant should also be procured before your soft wash. These three items are used in the mixture for your cleaning. Bleach and surfactant are especially crucial to the process of soft washing. So make sure you get good quality products for effective results!

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