When researching exterior cleaning services, there are quite a few different methods to consider. You might notice the words ‘power washing’ and ‘pressure washing’ come up pretty frequently. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that these two terms are actually not interchangeable—while they might sound similar, they are actually two entirely different procedures. Let’s take a look at the major differences between a power washing treatment and a pressure washing treatment.

Power Washing

Power washing is a cleaning method that uses hot water to remove dirt and grime on or around the home. The high temperature helps the water break down unwanted debris and clear the area properly. It also helps in killing off unhealthy bacteria, mold, or mildew.

Power washing is highly effective, and it’s a great option for many different needs. Materials like vinyl, aluminum, wood, and concrete are all surfaces that can be safely cleaned with a power wash.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing also uses water to clean, but rather than relying on a high temperature, it uses a forceful spray. A tank is used to eject the water at a high intensity, and spray nozzles can be changed for different application needs. Because of the immense strength used in the procedure, it’s great at forcing out stubborn filth and stains, and can easily target dirt that’s lodged deep into small cracks and crevices.

Which Should You Choose?
Now that you know the difference, you might still be wondering which to choose. Both methods can provide successful results, but it’s important to take into account your home’s specific needs before choosing one over the other. Sussex County Roof Cleaners can help analyze your home’s materials and guide you on the proper choice. We want the best for your home, and we’ll make sure there’s no risk throughout the cleaning process.

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