If you’re considering the idea of investing in soft-washing for your home, congratulations!  There all sorts of perks to choosing this efficient and safe way of keeping your home and property looking its best. However, there’s also the idea of whether or not you want to hire a professional to do the work, or take a DIY approach instead to save the cash.  Feeling torn?  Here’s a guide to help you decide. 

DIY soft-washing

  • Investment in preparation supplies: When you decide to rent a soft-washing machine and take on the job yourself, you also have to invest in the preparation equipment. This includes safety glasses, old and long clothing, a hat and gloves. Make sure that you’ve got everything on that list so that you don’t hurt yourself.
  • Training or experience in how your equipment works: You can’t expect to be able to just set up with the machine and naturally know how to mix the cleaners as well as how to operate the machine.  It’s going to take time and effort to get it all right and you don’t get an instruction manual.
  • Can take longer to do: Since you’re figuring out how it works and it’s your first time every washing your own house with this kind of equipment, you can expect it to take you several hours to do properly even if you’ve done it before. A different washer can make it feel like it’s brand new all over again.

Professional soft-washing

  • Workers come prepared for your project: When you hire a pro, they bring all of the equipment that they need for the job. This includes the device as well as the right amounts of cleaner and, of course, the efficiency of getting ready to work soon as they get there with no downtime.
  • Work quickly and efficiently: Professionals who are trained in exterior cleaning are going to, well, know how to do it.  This means that they’ll get there, set up, clean, and then be gone again. It is an efficient process and can be great for those who are in a time crunch before company comes or for those who have a lot of other jobs to do for the exterior of their home such as painting.  This is a fast and effective primer for all of the other tasks waiting!
  • Competitively priced: Even though a contractor may be more expensive than doing it yourself at first glance, you also have to add in the amount of money for the preparation supplies, the time spend in learning how to use it, and then the time spent actually washing the house. It adds up in a hurry!

            Realistically speaking, you can take can DIY approach if you just want to do whatever you can to keep the costs down and the responsibility on yourself.  But, if you have other things to do or you  want to make sure that it is done properly the first time, you’ll find a professional contractor is going to be the best option!

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