Many people believe the best way to wash their homes is by taking a pressure washer and going to town with water. However, water alone isn’t going to rid your home or business or funguses like mold or mildew. Algae and other biological organisms can collect over time as well. Unfortunately, trying to take a pressure washer alone with no detergents to these might not be the best approach. It can chip away at the paint or possibly break a window.

Yes, pressure washing without detergents has its benefits. Still, soft washing with pressure washing is used to quickly rid your surfaces of biological organisms. Soft washing is a much safer alternative if you have older windows, older bricks, broken concrete, or softwoods. The process is also done with very special equipment used by professionals for different surfaces. There is no one-size-fits-all nozzle like the ones you find on some rented pressure washers. People who attempt to soft wash themselves end up not applying the cleaning chemicals correctly. They don’t allow it enough time to penetrate the contaminants on the surface. When you’re trying to do pressure washing alone, you’re not penetrating through these contaminants, so you may be washing away bigger chunks of fungus on the outside. However, you’re not killing them at their microscopic levels. They end up growing back and costing you more money.

Suppose the surfaces of your home or business are being invaded by fungus and other contaminants on the surface. In that case, it’s time to call a professional to do the soft wash process with pressure washing for the best results. These professionals know how to give you your money’s worth. They’ll wash away the grime, dirt, and other issues while decreasing the environmental impact of the products they’re using. They also know how to clean the surface of properties without damaging them or anything around them. Hiring a professional will get your job right the first time.

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