Your home is the hallmark of your existence. You have spent so much there making memories and growing older. The essences of small details inside your home are incorporated deep inside your mind, the way the light reflects on the furniture and the aroma of old wood in your house, it completes you. Your house has sheltered you and protected you against storms and bad weather; it is time for you to repay it. You need to take care of your house, make sure the exterior is as clean as the interior. There are various techniques to clean the exterior of the house such as pressure washing and soft washing. However, pressure washing can be good for cleaning the stubborn stains from the exterior but it is not the ideal option for that. Sometimes when you use the pressure washer on the stains, the dirty stains can break into tiny particles and can scatter all over the place. It can go inside your garden and get mixed with the soil where birds can eat them and die. This is why it is important to understand where to use soft washing and pressure washing. Soft washing can do just as good of a job when cleaning the stains because cleaning agents will do the job for you instead of using the water at high pressure. 

Soft Washing is Better For Delicate Surfaces:

The exterior of your house is not entirely designed to withstand pressure. For instance, if your windows are dirty then you should avoid using the pressure washer for that, as the high pressure can easily break the window. Similarly, if your house is made out of wood then using pressure washing would not be a good idea for that since the water can creep inside the cracks and can potentially destroy the walls. It is essential to understand that soft washing can do the same job without damaging anything. Soft washing utilizes the cleaning agents that do the job for you. You don’t need the high-pressure water to remove the dirt when cleaning agents can do the same thing at very low PSI. Sometimes there is mold and fungus on your driveway and it cannot be killed with the pressure washing. You need to use the cleaning agents and do the soft washing to get rid of the fungus permanently. If you hire an experienced company for the soft washing then they are going to use the hot water for cleaning and it is better for cleaning the mold and mildew. However, you should not use the hot water to clean your vinyl records because you are asking for them to get warp at that point. 

Pressure Washing Can Damage Your Walls: 

This is the fear of every house owner, your walls getting destroyed because of pressure washing. If you hire a commercial pressure washing company then it is certain that they are going to use the water at PSI 2000+ to do the cleaning. If your house is made out of wood then it is not a good idea to use that much pressure, it is going to crawl inside the wall and going to ruin the wall from inside. You would be spending a lot of money to get that wall fixed and that is not worth the trade. It is essential to use soft washing techniques for the walls because soft washing uses very low PSI of pressure which doesn’t damage the walls. Furthermore, soft washing utilizes the cleaning agents that do most of the heavy lifting. The cleaning agents are designed to clean the walls without damaging them. If you are thinking of hiring a commercial company for pressure washing then you should consider getting the soft washing instead. Make sure you ask them the PSI of water that they are going to be using for cleaning. It should be below 1000 PSI to do the proper soft washing. You will see the difference between soft washing and pressure washing after that. Soft washing is just overall better in every aspect. 

Get the Pressure Washer With Adjustable PSI Option

It is needless to say that you should get the pressure washing equipment that has the option to change the PSI. It all depends on what you are cleaning, if you are cleaning the walls then it is not ideal to use the high PSI numbers, as they are going to do more harm than good. You should have the equipment that has the adjustable PSI option. You can easily do the soft washing with lower numbers of PSI. You should invest in a good cleaning agent. In that way, your cleaning agents are going to be doing most of the work. So, it would not hurt the delicate nature of the object that you are cleaning (windows, vinyl records, and walls). Similarly, you should never use the pressure washer for cleaning the paint off the floor; you should use the soft washing techniques with a good cleaning agent that is not going to leave burn marks on the floor.


 It can be a stressful task to clean the exterior of your house. Your house exterior is not sheltered; therefore, it makes it more prone to catch dirt, mold, fungus, and mildew. As a responsible homeowner, it is your job to clean the house from outside. This is why you should use a professional cleaning company to soft wash the exterior of your house. Soft washing utilizes the best techniques to clean the exterior of your house as compared to the other counterparts in the market. You don’t need to risk damaging your exterior of the house when you can use a much safer approach such as Soft Washing.

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