Vinyl siding continues to be one of the most popular siding options for new and existing homeowners. The majority of new homes are built with vinyl siding because it is famously low maintenance and relatively durable. Additionally, a high percentage of current homeowners opt to replace siding with vinyl because it is less expensive than many alternatives. However, that doesn’t mean vinyl doesn’t require consistent upkeep to prolong its lifespan and prevent more serious damage down the line. The best way to maintain the appearance and quality of your vinyl siding is through regular soft washing performed by a professional.

Soft washing is a technique that requires a soft washing system and specific nozzles as well as specialized skills to ensure it won’t do any damage to the material it is being performed on. Soft washing uses a much lower water pressure than typical pressure washing and is excellent for a wide variety of materials including vinyl siding as well as more delicate siding options like wood or stucco. A professional soft washing also includes specialized cleaning solutions designed to gently break down any dirt, grime, moss, or other organisms that may have made themselves at home on your siding. These cleaning solutions have the added benefit of being eco-friendly, meaning they won’t do any harm to your home or the environment.

The good news is that a regular soft washing is much less time consuming and expensive than the cost of replacing your siding because of poor maintenance. A quality soft wash can not only restore the appearance of your home but prolong its lifespan if done correctly and with the right equipment.

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