Our goal at Sussex County Roof Cleaners is to keep your home looking beautiful, so we know the value of a well-maintained house. We also know the importance of a healthy exterior, and how the outside of your home is just as important to take care of than the inside.

You’re probably familiar with pressure washing—a quick and effective cleaning method that can clear away dirt in seconds. While many are quick to think pressure washing is an one-type-fits-all solution, in some cases it can actually be a huge mistake. It’s an extremely powerful option that can yield great results, but only if the surface can be subjected to that kind of pressure. Some materials are much too delicate and would easily be destroyed in the process. Besides, your home is made up of more than just its exterior—it’s often outfitted with features like windows, wood, metals, and mortar. Take a pressure washer to these surfaces and you’re sure to do some damage.

Wood Siding

Some sources might say that wood siding can be pressure washed, but it’s not always a good idea. If you aren’t careful, water can be forced underneath, which can lead to moisture issues on the interior of your home. Some wood can also be etched, splintered, or even broken if confronted with that kind of pressure.

Electrical Units

It’s always a good idea to avoid bringing water around any sort of electrical unit. Although they are suited for the outdoors, pressure washing these items can force water inside, which could lead to further damage.


Your home is surrounded by beautiful plant life, so don’t ruin it by pressure washing them to death! The force of a pressure washer will surely destroy flowers and plants instantly and can also displace any surrounding soil.

Although these are just a few things that shouldn’t be treated with a pressure washer, there are plenty more that can’t handle that type of power. Always do your research before allowing your home to be pressure washed.

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